Burberry Beauty & Elle Magazine | Runway to Reality Event

Burberry Beauty & Elle Magazine | Runway to Reality Event

Kristy Hoffman, National Make-Up Artist, Burberry Beauty
Sharelle D. Lowery, Editor-in-Chief, ClassyBlackGirl.com
Janna Johnson O-Toole, Senior Beauty Editor, Elle Magazine

Burberry Beauty recently released their new Fall/Winter Beauty Report, reflecting the latest trends on the runway coinciding with some of their amazing products!

The team at ClassyBlackGirl.com was invited to a semi-private event at Nordstroms Westfield Mall in San Francisco to check it out!  We got to see the emerging Beauty Trends and meet the Senior Beauty Editor at Elle Magazine, Janna Johnson O’Toole and Kristy Hoffman the National Makeup artist at Burberry.

This Seasons Trends:
1. Flawless Skin
2. Rosy Cheeks
3. Graphic Liner
4. Earthy Smoky Eyes
5. Statement Lips

We had a blast as the DJ spun Beyonce and other jammin music while ladies in the San Francisco market enjoyed the fierce textures and colors of the Upscale Burberry line. We were getting our faces beat and while I loved the new earth tones and smoky eye Quads, my new favorite trend was the Statement Lip! My choice of lipstick is the Burberry Military Red. I have been a Viva Glam 1 lover for years…but when I felt that velvety red on my lips and saw the Pop in the mirror I knew that I had found a new heart breaker and it was worth every bit of the $30 bucks!!


It was fun to Upgrade Myself!…and my make-up artist, Gilbert Moran was like an angel with those brushes!

I encourage you all to go try the new quad and require that you try that military red!!…you will be hooked I promise!

Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery