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BougieGirlsThoughts: First Sunday | In Love With Scandal | Disgusted by the Houstons & Other Black Thoughts…

BougieGirlsThoughts: First Sunday | In Love With Scandal | Disgusted by the Houstons & Other Black Thoughts…

This is where I recap the Week!!
Some thoughts are too short to make full blog posts but to long to be a fleeting Tweet!
Here is where I break down my BougieGirlsThoughts for the Week.


Now THAT Olivia Pope, if I could come back with not much of a work conscious but a major heart I would be her.  I mean she is Fabulous, Gorgeous, Smart as all get out and has the kind of mind that dances around governments and other people who think that they are so smart….she is the FIX IT GIRL!
….and who else could make you empathize for “the other woman?”
I was watching Washington Watch this week and caught a glimpse of Kerri Washington, who stars as Olivia Pope on the television show Scandal.  I had no idea that her character was based on a real chick by the name of Judy Smith.  While Ms. Smith claims that some of the more Scandalous actions of Ms. Pope are only made up…a lot of that mind twisting and lady-like bull manipulation is true.  I will make sure that I am tuned in every Thursday Night at 10 pm on ABC.  And of course follow ya girl Ms. Kerri on Twitter @KerriWashington

First Sunday…

First AME, Oakland

To me First Sunday is a special Sunday, it means a time to worship and fellowship as other Sundays mean….but there is something different about First Sunday.  It is when most Protestant Christians celebrate with Communion.

It brings about a sense of renewal and rebirth, both are basics of our Faith.  Just knowing that in a Fellowship environment that God forgives and brings forth a new moment gives me a feeling of cleanliness that no bath can create.  I am so in the zone for greatness over the next week!  I hope that you are too!  If you want to get my Motivational Tweets Follow the hashtag #MotivationalMonday

The Houstons…

The Houstons | Getty Images

So Now Sissy, Bobbi Kristina and all of these randoms are now Houstons?  Okay again call me Bougie, but I am so tired of people (family members)taking advantage of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and other artists who are under the influence and then pass away.  The bad part is that, this show will be popular and people will watch as long as they can cause enough drama to make us gasp, laugh and shake our heads.  While Whitney and her famed memory are rolling over in her grave.

Other Black Thoughts

  • So What President Obama didnt do a backflip to Romney’s Lies…Im still looking at Airlane tickets to D.C…who is going to party with me and celebrate 4 more years?
  • I Love that I am seeing so many other Sistas wearing Natural Hair…it makes me feel amazing!!
  • I cant wait to see Tyler Perry in Alex Cross….so what cutie Idris Elba was supposed to be in this movie-he isnt.
  • Who EVER thought that Rihanna was really NOT going back to Chris Brown??…I dont ever really think that they broke up…*kanye-shrug*
  • Its weak that Jay-Z was on the Subway with a bodyguard like he really gets in the tranches…so played for the net…and who was the old lady that he was sitting next to??
  • I watch The Voice, American Idol (meaning the fight between Nikki Min-NOT and Mariah Carey is fake).
  • Gas is way too high!!….this is why living in the Suburbs is a No-no!!!


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