#BlackSteel | The Black Steel Magnolias Remake

#BlackSteel | The Black Steel Magnolias Remake

Tonight as I curled up with my Malbec and my laptop to Tweet with all of My Classies and watch steel Magnolias I did not really know what to expect from this film!  The Black version of Steel Magnolias had been all of the talk of the Twitterverse among Black Chicks for a little while and I was completely excited especially since I loved the original.  I didnt know how anybody was going to top Julia Roberts as Shelby, and truth be told, the young Rashad didnt-but those are huge shoes to fill!…She did an admirable job anyway and introduced me to a new actress who I now enjoy!

As I tweeted I noticed that there were some negative tweets, but its the internet, thats the only reason that some people get online.

But there were many more positive tweets!  Here is a quick recap of my Flick Favorites:

* I Loved seeing such a sense of Sisterhood among the women and that they were Black Women. They were not fighting, arguing or sleeping with each others man. As a matter of fact I dont think that I saw even one “too-high hemline” or “too-low neckline.”  It was the anti-Reality TV.
* Seeing people of color portrayed in a pleasant middle and upper middle class environment was so nice!…and the wedding gave me wedding fever.
* Initially I thought that Queen Latifah was a bit young to be Shelby’s Mother. But her acting towards the end was so strong that she began to really become MaLynne. And yes, I was sobbing by the time that the movie was over.
* The Black Men were awesome, just about all were supportive, friendly and so southern that I almost booked a ticket back to Louisiana.
* Alfre Woodard as Oiusa was AWESOME and kept me laughing!!
* The Wobble at the Wedding…Killed it!!

The entire cast was really awesome and I would buy this film tonight if it were available on DVD!

Remakes are just that, remakes.  Remakes are not the original, and they are not meant to be.  Weather they are in a different time, for a different demographic or just a different theme-they should not be stacked up against the original.  If you loved the original story, regardless of your ethnicity, you will love this story.  While you cannot help but compare the old versus the new judge it on its own merits.  This could have been released into the Theatres, but I DID love curling up with my wine and dinner and cry with my Mama when Shelby transitioned.

If you have not seen this film, do.

Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery | The Official