Beyonce! | …is a Class Act with Thank You Notes!

Beyonce! | …is a Class Act with Thank You Notes!

Hey My Classy, BlackGirls!!

We all totally envy celebs and none more than the beautiful and apparently Classy, Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter.  But you cannot help but just be endeared to her.  She is sweet times 10!…well at least that how it seems and The Cut absolutely confirms this:


Designer Rubin Singer, who recently dressed Beyoncé for a private concert in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, tells Glamour that Beyoncé and Solange Knowles are “the only celebrities that always dry clean and send clothes back in a box, with a hand-written thank you note.  They are true ladies.”

That’s lovely of them.  Now just imagine all those other celebrities returning dirty, stinky, noteless garments in an old grocery bag months later, if at all.


I personally am not surprised!  Beyonce, after all comes from a Southern family and Tina Knowles, looks like “doing the right thing” is important to her!  Those ladies have got some Class and Courtesy!

What does make me raise my eye brows is the thought that there are many celebs that take designers kindness for granted and return clothing without so much as a Thank You of appreciation.  A lesson for all of us is that nothing makes you so great as does gratitude!!