Beyonce Album Release During Scandal Finale: Classy or Trashy?

Beyonce Album Release During Scandal Finale: Classy or Trashy?

Bey and Olivia shut down the Internet

So here I am. All excited about Scandal and the Season Finale when I kept getting what seemed like cryptic messages about Beyonce in my Twitter timeline and on my Facebook news feed.

And finally when I got up from being passed out after Scandal was over and Rowan lost his job, I noticed that people were actually saying that Beyonce had come out with a new album?

Jigga whut?
Beyonce Album Release Unclassy ClassyBlackGirl

I just went to the Beyonce concert and she didn’t mention anything to me about a Beyonce album release or her new cuts. Well the 14 track, 17 video Visual Album is an instant classic, at the level of Dangerously in Love. There is no doubt that Bey is killing the game and the surprise DROP was so damn slick-no commercials-nothing. It was hot to say the least.

But as a connoisseur of class, I am often asking myself, “Was that Classy, tho?”

You might be asking-was WHUT UNClassy?

Let’s unbox this misstep in class.

Releasing your album at the same time as the Scandal season finale. During the same time that just about every woman in America who relates to Olivia “Its Handeld” Pope (strong, stylish and sassy) would be imerserd in Social Media, there is the Beyonce Album Release.



No shade on Queen Bey, it was sheer marketing genius and it can never really be done again. However, I feel like it kinda took advantage of the time.

The lesson for the regular of us. Beyonce gets a pass for whatever she does-but if you are not Beyonce, listen up.

The Lesson:
Do not try and take advantage of somebody or something else’s shine-even if you are Beyonce. We can liken this to riding somebodies coat tails. Or coming to a business event and sharing invites to YOUR business event. Do people do this, yes. Is it classy-no.

Bey can stand on her own merits. She knew damn well that she was riding on Scandal’s coat tails. And it just gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway! If you havent gotten this cut….be sure and get it here!!…yes I DO get paid if you do!

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
Still Staning for Bey