BEAUTY: My #ScentSavings Secret with Celebrity Perfume

BEAUTY: My #ScentSavings Secret with Celebrity Perfume


My #ScentSavings Secret

My #ScentSavings Secret is that WalMart has their own affordable Perfume Salon, right in their Health & Beauty Department!…Let me tell you!
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Good Scents and quality perfumes are powerful. Your fragrance is as important to any beauty regimen as a shiny lip gloss or an effective bb cream is. However, I have recently overlooked the opportunity to take my perfume game to the next level simply because the department stores are killing me with their prices.

Beauty Haul Goes Perfume

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I was doing a regular beauty haul in WalMart, one of my favorite places for beauty goods, when I breezed through the perfume section and immediately the Scent of Beauty hit me. My new score this week was NOT going to be lip stick, it was going to be the Celebrity high end perfumes that I smelled-yes in WalMart.

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My rationale was that it is the holiday season and as I get ready for holiday parties I wanted to have a new perfume to rock that would upgrade my total image. I was so excited!

The Perfume Selection was Awesome

There was quite a bit to choose from, Taylor Swift, Halle Berry, and of course Justin Beiber’s Girlfriend. So I thought that I was going to choose the more mature perfume, but something about the really cute pink and purple bottle and the sexy scent had me juiced about my new Winter fragrance, Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend! If you have not had the opportunity to get a whiff of this fragrance, please DO.  It is sexy, sultry and will definitely get you to be somebody’s GIRLFRIEND!  I also enjoyed that it was long lasting and that I don’t need much to make people say, “What fragrance is that?” or “Where can I get that perfume?”

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#ScentSavings SCORE!

I appreciated that I only spent about $20.00 for a department store quality of perfume-SCORE! There were many fragrance options, packages and different sizes. I could actually see myself copping more fragrances from WalMart before the end of the year for gifts because the prices were awesome and I was not intimidated by a pushy perfume counter girl. In fact I was in the aisle for about an hour trying to decide if I was going to get Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend or Justin Bieber’s Someday.

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And Just like that…I smell amazing!…oh and my boyfriend LOVES it!!…He said I smell “Just like a girlfriend should!”

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