GinJeanJars – 78′s Apple Pie in a Jar Recipe

GinJeanJars – 78′s Apple Pie in a Jar Recipe

Did You See My Apple Pie in a Jar Recipe and instantly want some of your own?

GinJeanJars Apple Pie in a Jar

I am in love with cooking, baking and food-period!…but especially apple pie in a jar!! I rarely get to showcase this side of ClassySharelle because I am always working on adventures and lifestyle fun! But family, who I cook for, is the best lifestyle experience! Every Fourth of July I like to make Apple Pie! Apple Pie is so positively American, so lets get on with it!

A LOT of people asked me for the delicious recipe!!…I am parting with it with reservation, but hey…since I am working on my Holiday Cookbook, I better get used to sharing my Families Beloved Recipes!!

The most important aspect of creating this recipe is LOVE. If you don’t have love, none of it is going to workout.

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However, once you get the LOVE part down make sure and get these ingredients:
3 Mason Jars
3 Large Granny Smith or Pippin Apples!
1 1/2 Cup of C & H Sugar
1/2 Block of Softened Plugra Butter
1 Tablespoon of Pure Vanilla
1/2 Tablespoon Nutmeg
1/2 Tablespoon Cinnamon
Store Bought Frozen Crust Softened – If You Do Not Want to Make Your Own Crust

This Apple Pie Jar Recipe Makes 4 Little Apple Pies!

1. Turn Your Oven on 375 Degrees.
2. Cut 1/3 of the Butter Bar into small Squares, drop into a cooking pan.
Butter GinJeanJars

3. Cut all 3 apples into small “biteable portions.”
4. Put All ingredients into a pot.
5. Warm all ingredients together for about 3 minutes and continually mix, do NOT allow this mixture to burn.

This Smells Amazing!

This Smells Amazing!

6. Turn off mixture and bring pot over to countertop.
7. “Butter up” the inside of the Mason Jars, be liberal with the butter!
8. Begin to “crust” the jar, the crust should be pliable enough to do that, if its not, let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
Crusted GinJeanJars

9. Use the top of the Jar to “cut out” a round circle to create the top crust.
TopCrust Gin Jean Jars

10. Once you have crusted a jar, place your home made mix into the pie.
MixIn Gin Jean Jars

11. Be mindful of the amount that you put into it, because you WILL have overflow if the pies are too full!
12. Take the circle that you cut out for the top and crust the top of your pie! You can create whatever look that you want. The easiest way is to simply place it on TOP of the pie! Try different looks and let me know how it works out for you!!
Top Crust My Style Gin Jean Jars

13. Place the Jars on a tray and put them in the oven for 30-45 minutes. Check your pie every 15 minutes, as soon as the crust gets slightly brown you will notice some of the juice running over the side, you apple pies in a jar are READY!
14. Let them cool for about 15 Minutes.

Finished Trio GinJeanJars

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