Alicia Keys: Side Chick Makes Good

Alicia Keys: Side Chick Makes Good

…So you can upgrade from Side Chick to Wife!

So I just copped this Months Essence.

Well Alicia Keys is on the cover, and of course I took a deep breath. I know emotionally how this makes me feel (HOE), but I realized that I needed to read this article before I judged her anymore. I mean, damn, its been a long time since…well you know what happened….let me recap for you in case you dont know:

Alicia Keys is now married to Rapper/Producer Swizz Beatz and they have a 2 year old child. Swizz also has a 5 year old Son, from a previous marraige. And supposedly Alicia and Swizz’s relationship is the reason that the marriage “didnt work out.”

Most of us were disgusted, I mean I was, because first of all WHO DIDNT love Alicia Keyes?…Uber Talented, Girl Next Door and Beautiful!!…She was one of us!!…Kinda hippy…not perfect…but easily the most beautiful chick in the entertainment game. And for her to end up getting with a married man and pretty much getting preggers before his divorce was final. It felt so dirty…and we expected so much more. I was crushed.

But today as I am sitting in my green “blogging chair”…with my Laptop on my thighs Im kinda just Kanye shrugging. Because on top of the fact that its old news why did we even care to begin with?

We don’t know for a fact that Alicia Keys didn’t have the moral fortitude of Superhead, that could have just been her PR. We don’t know if this man had been separated from his wife physically for MANY years before they begun a romantic relationship?…I mean except for the baby that they created two years before Alicia got preggers.

**lightweight side eye**

And what if it was really true love? I mean what if that’s really what it was??

Who are we to judge? I mean…haven’t we all done something a little beneath the nice girl barometer?
Fortunately our lifestyles are not on display for the world to see. Otherwise we might be giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money.
And how come we are attacking her, SHE wasnt in the relationship and SHE didnt make the commitment at the church house??…Swizz did.

What Say You?