Lifestyle: How to Be A Classy 30 Plus Party Girl!

Lifestyle: How to Be A Classy 30 Plus Party Girl!

Are You A 30 Plus Party Girl?

There are different rules on how to display class when enjoying a night out at thirty plus versus partying in your twenties. Check out my Do’s & Do Not’s of being a Sassy and Classy 30 Plus Party Girl!

1. Bring the Sexy, not the Slore.
This means looking good, but remembering that you are not in your 20′s anymore. There is something about being in your 20′s that allows you to dress a little sluttier, wear your clothes a little tighter and just exude a tad more ratchet without it looking ratchet. It’s called youth. While 30 is damn sure sexy, you are not 25 anymore-act accordingly. Be sexy, not slutty. Do not shake your a** like your in a Luke video. Remember, your a full adult woman.

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2. Evaluate the thigh action.
I love short dresses. I have always had great legs. But at 35, I realize that since I have not been working out that natural smoothness may not be there. So make sure that your dress is long enough to cover any cottage cheese. I am not a big fan of stockings but if you must wear a short dress and have a little cellulite, please wear some stockings.

3. Drink like a lady.
I am a drinker, I remember drinking on the dance floor and stumbling out of the club. It actually was not sexy when I was 27, but at 35, it looks like you have lost touch with reality. There are no excuses for a woman of a particular age to be drunk in public, you know better.

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4. Do not Shut the club down.
Remember you have moved to lady status, from party girl status. A single lady should not be out in the streets at all hours. This is not Essence Festival, it’s a night out. Leave the party at a respectable hour, this will also make you look less thirsty.

5. Do not be thirsty.
There is something that happens between 29-32. The thirst. We can say that it doesn’t happen, but girl you know it does. Go out with the goal of having a good time-not scoring a man. So sure dance, flirt, let them buy you a drink…but if you feel like you are giving chase…its not your night, you crapped out, go home and dont wear that dress again.

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6. Party in the proper age group.
If there is a flyer with a half naked woman promoting the party that you are thinking about attending-think again. Party with people your own age. Don’t put yourself in an environment where there are college students bumping into you. This is not a good look.

7. Party Sparingly.
Do not be out in the club like Norm at Cheers. This is a bad look and quite frankly expensive. A 30 plus lady should have other social functions to attend, not just party girl Friday nights. [highlight]If you are spending more than one time per month in the club and it’s not a birthday party or a special event, you need a hobby.[/highlight]

Like my mentor, Stacey Fergusen says, Life is the Party! However, if you decide to get back out there again and hit a club or two, please remember the classy black girl party girl rules so that you don’t have to use filters on your Instagram photos or your memories on how the night really went down!

And NO Ladies do NOT take men home after the club, take your own a** home and meet a nice man in London, like the rest of us!

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
Blogger & Fabulousity Correspondent